V2G will play an important role in the Smart City of the Future. 

The yearly CAV Canada (Connected and Automated Vehicles) conference bringing Smart Mobility innovators and leaders to discuss and drive the future was held on Sep. 28, 2023, in Ottawa. 

The conference was preceded by a one-day demonstration of Smart Mobility technology by #TCXpo hosted at the Area X.O (a 1,866-acre, secure, fenced, and gated private facility in Ottawa) showing technology solutions by innovative startups. The only Canadian Smart Mobility demonstration day of its kind, TCXpo celebrates companies driving the Smart Mobility revolution across the country:

–       Autonomous and connected vehicles
–       Smart drones (surveillance, delivery, …)
–       Smart robots
–       Smart police technology
–       Smart Agriculture (autonomous tractors)
–       Smart data and AI
–       Smart street lightening
–       Smart intersections
–       …

For a detailed description please see: https://lnkd.in/guFi_sAc

It was impressive to see the breadth of Canadian “Smart” next-gen technology solutions demonstrated to practically move us into the future. Whether it be the Smart City, Smart Mobility/Delivery, or Smart Agriculture. 

This year’s CAV conference was the 6th in a row on Smart Mobility. 

The conference was organized by Invest Ottawa professionally led by Sonya Shorey,  Michael T., and their team. 

I participated in the panel: “City of Tomorrow: Revolutionizing the Urban Landscape”. 

My main message was that V2G will play an important role in the Smart City of the future.

Today, some 56% of the world’s population – 4.4 billion inhabitants – live in cities. This trend is expected to continue, with the urban population more than doubling its current size by 2050, at this point, nearly 7 of 10 people will live in cities. With more than 80% of global GDP generated in cities, urbanization can contribute to sustainable growth through increased productivity and innovation – if managed well. 

To support the smart cities of tomorrow we need all the smart-technology, -planning, and -regulations we can get our hands on including V2G. Cities must start planning now for a future impacted by a tsunami of climate change events.

To quote from the CAV Canada’s website: 
“Smart mobility innovations such as CAVs and fleets, electric vehicles, low-speed automated shuttles, and drones are revolutionizing how we work, live, and play. They combine with next-gen networks, cybersecurity, 5G, AI and machine learning, IoT, big data, and AR/VR. 

They are unleashing a world of new possibilities. Including a world with safer roads and road users…more efficient, sustainable transportation and energy…more secure food production and public spaces…healthier communities and citizens…and more connected, equitable and inclusive society.”

V2G solutions can play an important role in the electrification of urban mobility and IMHO should be part of any large city planning for the future.


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