VGI/V2G – The Role of Regulations

Just back from the latest V2G Business, Policy, and Technology Forum conference in Detroit. 

140 key VGI/V2X/V2G (choose one term of your liking) industry experts gathered in Detroit for the latest V2G Forum conference – the second of its kind – organized by Smart Grid Observer (SGO). VGIC (Vehicle Grid Integration Council) was one of the association partners. 

The conference’s goal was to bring the key stakeholders together to drive VGI (V2G) forward collectively. 

Full disclosure: When I talk about VGI I mean everything from Smart Charging to Vehicle-to-Grid.

Participants included:

Major automotive OEMs: Ford Motor CompanyGeneral MotorsAmerican Honda Motor Company, Inc.BMW GroupTeslaStellantisLucid Motors
Nissan Motor Corporation

Grid Operators:  Pacific Gas and Electric Company,  Southern California Edison (SCE), – DTE Energy,..

Aggregators: Fermata EnergyThe Mobility HouseNuvve Holding Corp.,..

EVSE OEMs:  BorgWarnerDiamond Electric Mfg. Corporationdcbel,  Eaton

Research Institutes: EPRIUniversity of Delaware.. 

Regulators, Policy makers, and other stakeholders. 

An interesting point was brought forward by Jacqueline Piero who pointed out the crucial role that regulations play in practically every aspect of V2X, from technical issues to business models, standards, supply chain, and customer acceptance. 

Key conclusions are that we need to modernize the regulation regime to become more innovative, responsive, flexible, and forward-looking for V2G (Rate designs, Interconnections, Market Models,…). Also when we analyze the many aspects of V2G we need to simultaneously consider regulatory aspects and implications.

IMHO the conference was a great success. Kudos to the VGIC team (John HolmesSteve Letendre, PhDZach WoogenEdward Burgess, the rest of the team, the program committee and Daniel Coran) for supporting the event. 

The conference was “A small step forward for the participants, but a giant step forward for VGI/V2G”. 😀 

Stay tuned for more updates in later posts! 


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