VGI (V2X) Energy Services

EVs can provide valuable energy services to a number of constituencies such as the home (V2H), the building (V2B) and the grid (V2G). For V2G services an aggregator is required to aggregate sufficient EVs to meet the grid services requirements for capacity.

Behind-the-Meter and Metered Grid Services

Consumer / Enterprise Services

These are the energy services that EVs can perform behind the meter as a value add to the home/building. These services are subject to minimal regulation since the no energy is exported to the grid through the meter in case of bi-directional EVs. All energy discharged from the EVs are used to reduce the consumption of the house/building.

Grid Energy Services

These are the energy services that supports the public electric grid. The services can be implemented to export energy to the grid through the meter. Such type of services  are subject to strong regulations (metering, interconnection, telemetry…). The services may also be implemented so all energy discharged is used to reduce the load of the building/house. In this case the services are subject to less regulation.